EASY BOX GmbH – We are your experts in efficient container stowage

90 percent of all goods are transported by sea using standardized ISO containers, so the wood packaging needs to be adapted to these containers.

Pre-packaging on container decks or in sheds, your transported goods are packed in a container-friendly way. Through diligent planning in compliance, we stow every container professionally and expertly so that your goods arrive at the recipient’s address safely and in perfect order. This in turn ensures that the goods can be unloaded smoothly and quickly.

We make sure we keep the loss of stowage space as low as possible so transport costs don’t pile up unnecessarily.

Moreover, we take care of optimum weight distribution of the items in the containers in accordance with the CTU packing directive.

We are experts and find a solution for any problem and take care of bulky and complex loads, too.

Your advantages in container stowage with EASY BOX GmbH

  • All from a single source: consultancy, planning, production & packaging
  • Expert transport securing
  • Efficient container stowage in accordance with CTU packing directives
  • Creation of a stowage plan

With our know-how and the right tools, such as our 32-ton hall crane, we can handle any container stowage for you, either at your site or on our premises.