Land freight

Packaging and reusable wood crates for domestic and international shipping by land.

Standard shipment or complex project: Much can go wrong during the transport of your cargo, which is why packaging and reusable wood crates have long been an integral part of the transport industry.

Their application is versatile, and wood as a construction material is flexible, easy to process and sustainable: from the transport of sensitive components, goods or machines all the way to the in-house storage of products. Transport packaging for land freight must meet a wide range of requirements in relation to statics, pressure sensitivity, risk of slipping and impact. Each product requires individual packaging in terms of size, shape and safety precautions.

In addition, transport packaging for shipping by land freight must withstand standing times in warehouses, on freight trains, on trucks or motorway service stations, safely and without damage. This means that weather conditions and changes in the weather must not harm a transport or reusable crate.

Depending on the type of goods, we take various appropriate precautions to protect your transported goods:

  • Shock and impact indicators
  • Tilt indicators
  • GPS tracking of your transport crates
  • VCI film for corrosion protection
  • Dehumidifier against moisture
  • Humidity and temperature monitoring tools
  • Anti-rust paper to protect from rust
  • A wide range of locking systems
  • Straps
  • Dunnage air bags & packing foams
  • PVC & shrink films
  • Bubble wrap & aluminium composite films
Our crates are especially suitable for special formats outside the standards. We manufacture the desired formats for you, whether with longitudinal or transverse skids or for small parts. The series production of our EASY BOX transport crates guarantee a consistent high quality.

Your advantages with EASY BOX land freight packaging and reusable crates:

  • All from a single source: consultancy, planning, production & packaging
  • Manufacture to measure or series production
  • EASY BOX with a time-saving plug-in system and tool-free assembly
  • Space-saving storage
  • For heavy goods or in lightweight construction
  • Reusable
  • Any quantity and short delivery times
  • Universally deployable
  • No treatment is required for export

No matter what it is you want to transport by land freight via truck or rail transfer: We create export crates, reusable crates or special pallets made to measure. See for yourself our experience, expertise and quality.