Patented transport crate

Simple, swift, safe, individual.

Our EASY BOX and the newly patented EVO EASY BOX are based on a simple plug-in system and live up to their name. Fast assembly doesn’t require any tools and is uncomplicated.

The tool-free assembly makes our Easy Boxes absolutely “gentle on the product”; nor are your packaged goods at risk of being damaged by tools during dismantling. Compared to conventional pallets and transport decks, our Easy Boxes form a closed unit and can be transported easily, form-fittingly and safely. To meet the various requirements, we offer our crates in all conceivable sizes and specifications – exactly custom-tailored to the requirements of your goods. Everybody gets the crate they desire. Thanks to their compact and flat delivery, our Easy Boxes are perfectly stackable and enormously space-saving. Another advantage is the “non-wood” character or our crates. For you, this means you don’t need a certificate or a special treatment of the crate for the international transport of goods.

With the EVO EASY BOX, you save time, effort and lots of space

  • Transport crates made to measure
  • Time-saving plug-in system
  • No tools needed for assembly
  • Space-saving storage
  • Sturdy for heavy loads
  • Or in lightweight construction for air transports
  • Reusable
  • Accessible from two and four sides
  • Any quantity and short delivery times
  • Possibilities for locking as required
  • Universally deployable

We also take care of optimum packaging protection

In addition to our robust wood transport crates, we provide you with high-quality packaging material for your products. Our top-grade materials protect your industrial goods during transport from all types of external impacts. We ensure that your transport goods are perfectly protected inside the wood crate.

  • Shock and impact indicators
  • Tilt indicators
  • GPS tracking of your transport crates
  • VCI film for corrosion protection
  • Dehumidifier against moisture
  • Humidity and temperature monitoring tools
  • Anti-rust paper to protect from rust
  • A wide range of locking systems
  • Straps
  • Dunnage air bags
  • Packing foams
  • PVC films
  • Shrink films
  • Bubble wrap
  • Aluminium composite films