Frequently asked questions

Together with the customer, we begin with a needs analysis, clarify the framework conditions, measure and inspect the machines, products and goods to be shipped.

  • What freight is to be shipped?
  • What is the most suitable means of transport in terms of cargo and destination?
  • Do the respective goods require any special measures?
  • Are special import regulations in place in the destination country?
  • And lots more...

In a second step, you will receive a custom-tailored offer that we are happy to go through and discuss with you. After approval, the crates are manufactured and delivered directly to you. Our packaging team then travels to the agreed location and takes care of the entire packaging process.

Basically, EASY BOX can provide packaging services to any industry. The areas our customers come from include: special purpose machinery manufacture, mechanical engineering, injection casting and die casting, energy and environmental technology, logistics, transport, robotics, welding, automotive and medical technology industries.

In principle, all proportions and dimensions are possible. What is essential is that the product be assessed, cost-effectiveness checked and the best possible solution be found.

The packaging your goods needs depends on how the goods are transported; how long they remain packaged; and what weather conditions they are exposed to during their journey. From more than 30 years of experience in the packaging industry, we are quite aware of these requirements. We advise every customer individually with the selection of the proper packaging solution. Whether transport by air, sea, rail or truck – EASY BOX offers efficient transport packaging for any type of industrial goods.

For centuries, wood has proven its worth in packaging. Wood is the oldest, most stable and most cost-effective material in the packaging industry – clean, simple and very flexible in processing. Wood is a raw material that regrows and the most sustainable material for transport packaging, particularly when we produce reusable packaging from it.