Whether transport pallets, special pallets or heavy-duty pallets.
Special solutions, manufactured to your individual specifications.

Along with crates of various categories, we make special pallets and crate bottoms that support and protect your products and machines over the course of the entire transport. For our customers, this means optimal and economical transport of the goods.

From transport pallets all the way to heavy-duty special pallets. We have the technical know-how and equipment to make pallets of all formats and designs fit the requirements of the transported goods to the “t” and to meet customer requirements in terms of size, load capacity and properties.

From an individual item to series production – we deliver the wooden pallet you want just in time. It goes without saying that all our packaging complies with the applicable ISPM15 Directives. Our capable staff would be delighted to advise you on this.

If necessary, we will optimise your pallets according to your special shipping requirements for container, air freight or truck transport.

Our large storage spaces allow for the option of convenient call-off of pallets just in time to keep your stock levels as low as possible.